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***Sbisa Assigned to Syracuse; Lilja's Visa Settled***

Ducks send D Luca Sbisa to Syracuse (AHL) after Andreas Lilja gets visa stuff settled. They were disappointed w/Sbisa. Rightfully so.via web


According to Curtis Zupke's Twitter (Note: Helene Elliott's tweet is reproduced above for her report on Sbisa's performance, but Zupke had tweeted the information first), Anaheim has sent defenseman Luca Sbisa down to Syracuse now that Andreas Lilja's visa issues have been settled.  

Sbisa played in two regular season games for the Ducks this year with 15 shifts and 11:31 against Nashville and and 18 shifts and 13:13 against Vancouver.  He had played in 8 games with the Ducks last year before they sent him back to his Junior club.  Lilja had travelled to Canada this past week to finish paperwork related to his visa, which needed to be settled before he could play for the Ducks on his recently signed contract.