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Open Gameday Thread Devils @ Ducks

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New Jersey Devils
@ Anaheim Ducks

Friday, Oct 29, 2010, 7:00 PM PDT



Your Enemy: In Lou We Trust

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If you are headed to tonight's game and have yet to sample the Ponda Center's new fare, then check out our food reviews:

The reviews are by no means comprehensive and are not meant to be a Zagat-style guide. The writers simply ate at the respective stalls and reported back. With so many new choices at the Pond (and arena food prices being what they are), it's nice to know what to expect, and we were hoping to help you make a selection. Perhaps one of their observations stumbled upon something you like or dislike in your arena food, and we can save you a few bucks.

Some general notes? The pretzel bun on the Top Shelf Dog runs a little stale (as does the bread at OC Grill), the crunchy items at Urban Wok aren't very crunchy, and beware of the shrimp-to-fries ratio at Bluewater Grill.

If you won't be going to the Pond, but are still gearing up for tonight's game, check out John Fischer's ridiculously thorough gameday preview over at In Lou We Trust. There's a cameo from me and Sleek in the second half.

Tonight sees the clash of two sub-.500 teams who may be motivated as much by the desire not to lose as they are the desire to their vague, passing interest in a win. Both teams ice plenty of talent, but neither team is seeing that talent consistently perform. It's really kind of sad. This is the kind of 'everybody gets a trophy' sob story that makes the NHL's three-point overtime system seem worthwhile.

Fowler may be good to go, and Lindsay Kramer is speculating that the Ducks have called up Josh Green from Syracuse to fill in for the fresh-from-surgery Dan Sexton or the now-on-IR Matt Beleskey (UPDATE: Eric Stephens has confirmed Green's call up on Twitter). Green may not play in tonight or tomrrow's game, as Carlyle seems to have arrived at some line combinations he likes. Hopefully, they can provide an effort similar to the one they had in Dallas.