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Jen, the Bachelorette: Voyage for a New Captain (Reunion Show)

He's no Charlie Conway, but he's our captain.
He's no Charlie Conway, but he's our captain.

Yikes. This is awkward.

Last time we were here, I had given my final rose to Saku Koivu to be the new captain of the Ducks' boat. At the time, my heart said "Getzlaf" but my gut said "Koivu." Even my faithful viewers agreed that I had made the right decision on selecting Koivu. We were all confident that this would hold true when Producer Randy Carlyle made it official in October - obviously, we were wrong. Here's the weirdest part. The Producer actually relinquished control and allowed the other bachelors to vote on who the next captain would be. I don't think anyone, even die-hards in the audience, saw that coming.

Well, I'm about to begin a new era, hand in hand with Captain Getzlaf. Like most, I hope his captaincy lasts through his entire playing career. Yet, I have a feeling we're going to need couples counseling throughout his run. Watching him this past Sunday, I saw the physical dominance and superior puck handling that made my heart skip a beat in the first place. I also saw the unrelenting talking to the zebras that worried us in the first place. For all I knew, he was talking about how happy he was to be the captain, but then Teemu or Saku would skate up and join in on the conversation. I don't know about you, but doesn't having two chaperones on a date undermine his role as captain?

I can't undo the past. Saku was my first choice. Ok, keeping Scotty around was my real first choice, then Saku, and then Getzy, but I'm content with the decision. Why? He's a dominant player, and the NHL recognizes that. In the lead up to the '09-'10 season, Getzy was added to the group of stars (think Crosby and Ovechkin) that did the media tour to hype up the season. He is marketable. If the Ducks want to keep him long term, this was the natural next step. He is now officially the (gorgeous) face of the organization, and I am more than ok with that :)