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Jen Talks Ducks Fans off the Cliff

Do it.  Drink the Kool-Aid.
Do it. Drink the Kool-Aid.



I admit I'm not thrilled with the start of the season by the Ducks, but I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet. The boys have played 2 of 82 games. They have 80 games to play. (However, if you're going to be a fair-weather fan, I'd like you to jump ship now - you're killing my new season buzz). You know who else is 0-2? The Penguins. Pretty sure their fans aren't talking about the 2011 #1 draft pick.

The start of a new season is all about anomalies. Like always, the prior season's crappy teams get off to a great start (I will not name names for fear of death threats), and save the '06-'07 season, the Ducks get off to a horrible offensive start. It's been this way for years. A helpful hint for those new to the team, I suggest upping your dosage of anti-depressants or taking up chi-centering yoga during this time.

While overall team play has been, well, less than stellar (trying to keep a positive spin on this), I have seen some upside. First, the so-called "Masterton Line" of Teemu Selanne, Saku Koivu, and Jason Blake are playing like they're the ages of the RPG line. The old guys are hustling, hitting (even Teemu), and taking shots whenever possible. Their efforts paid off in a Koivu goal, thank God. Why do I find this so good? As long as this line continues to produce and stay healthy, they buy a tiny amount of time for the RPG line to develop the chemistry they had pre-Getzlaf injury last season.

Another reason to be hopeful? WE HAVE RYAN GETZLAF, BOBBY RYAN, AND COREY PERRY, PERIOD. A couple months ago, Puck Daddy likened them to The Triplets of James, Wade, and Bosh. I don't need to tell you how talented these guys are. There is a reason we all had ulcers during the offseason while waiting for Bobby to finally sign a deal. No matter how much Carlyle moves Bobby around, he always ends up right back on that top line. When those three are clicking (and yes, I hope they start clicking soon) they're nearly unstoppable. Really, the only person that can stop them is themselves - stupid penalties, yapping at the refs, etc.

Finally, I am finally ready to drink the Cam Fowler Kool-Aid. I've been hesitant to latch on to the kid as the hope for the future. I did that with Sbisa last season, only to have my hopes dashed by Luca being sent back to Juniors. Fowler is not Scott Neidermayer, nor will he be this season, but he's pretty amazing considering he's 18 years old and hitting the ice with men twice his age, and in some cases, his size. A bright spot in the past two games is that Cam hasn't had any moments that resulted in me going, "Oh yeah, that's an 18 year old right there."

Henry Samueli made it clear that putting a losing team on the ice is NOT ACCEPTABLE. As an owner, Samueli is pretty hands off, and I have to believe that he's going to make changes if this streak continues. So Ducks fans, step away from the edge of the cliff. I know everything looks dark and scary right now, but it's early. There is a lot of season to go, and there are a lot of possibilities that could play out in the next weeks and months.

Breathe. Make yourself a drink. Relax.