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Open Gameday Thread Islanders @ Ducks

Next Game

New York Islanders
@ Anaheim Ducks

Wednesday, Nov 10, 2010, 7:00 PM PST



Your Enemy: Lighthouse Hockey

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In lieu of a gameday, I'm going to direct everyone's eyes to Eric Stephens' Twitter:

Kind followers, know there's interest in some guys that may/may not be injured. Can only know for sure until I talk to players and/or coach.via web

This amidst news that Matt Beleskey and Dan Sexton are headed to Syracuse and that Luca Sbisa is not at practice with the Crunch according to the Post Standard. The Ducks are probably looking to get a longer look at Bonino and Palmieri, while Sexton and Beleskey could, if they play, conceivably use a conditioning tune up in the interim. And a tune up seems the most logical prescription here as Syvret could easily be sent down in one of their places if Sbisa is coming back. UPDATE: According to Stephens, Syvret is going back to Syracuse and your author miscounted the open roster slots.

If Sbisa wins a spot, Anaheim has to start considering what to do when Sutton gets back. Lilja, Brookbank and Mara have all had their troubles. Mara has struggled recently, Brookbank has struggled throughout except for his last two games and Lilja has been inconsistent from shift to shift, certainly nothing that could hold back a confident Sbisa. Still, with Mara playing well with Fowler and Brookbank being a two year contract, the most logical odd man out in a healthy Sutton situation is Lilja. That's assuming you're dumping the contract.

Stephens' tweet certainly portends a trade. Maybe the pro scouts saw something they liked in the midst of this winning streak.