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Pick Up On One And Leave The Other Behind

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With Troy Bodie claimed from waivers and the Ducks losing again, there finally seem to be a window open to recall Matt Beleskey or Dan Sexton from the AHL.  They may both find themselves back with the big club, but for the purposes of argument, let's say you have to choose.

Daniel, if you could only call up one right now, who do you call up?  Dan Sexton or Matt Beleskey?

My choice for a call up would have to be Dan Sexton. He's a sniper with killer speed who spreads and tires opposing defenses. The Ducks need someone who is going to get the puck on net, because right now they are tentative with their offensive decisions. They are looking for the extra pass instead of getting the puck on net and making something happen. Sexton is going to increase the amount of pucks that go towards the net, and eventually the puck is going to start going in for him. His shot is too good for him to stay off the score sheet forever.

Moreover, he might be a very appealing piece in the trade market. It's no secret we've had trouble with small talented forwards. Andrew Ebbett and Ryan Shannon have gone on to be marginally successful on other squads, moreso Shannon than Ebbett. The Ducks' inability to make good things happen with small forwards means there might not be space for Sexton AND Palmieri. In that situation, Sexton is a guy we signed as a free agent and Palmieri is a first round pick. If we move Sexton, then any asset acquired is a plus for the organization. I'm not a fan of that plan. I think Sexton is going to be a good player for us here and probably a 20 goal scorer someday. Either way, Anaheim needs to let him see the ice and do what he does best.


I definitely find the Sexton as trade bait angle intriguing.  Eric Stephens seemed to hint that Big Sexy was drawing some interest from other teams, and maybe his play in the AHL isn't getting the pro scouts hot and bothered.  But after seeing tonight's game, I have to go with Beleskey.  We just seem to need him more right now.

After watching tonight's game, I can't help but feel that while it's nice to have Georgie pull a guy aside or have Jason Blake standing up for Saku Koivu, you want a banger on your team to make things tough on the opposition.  Beleskey can give us that.  He can answer with a hit right after one of our guys goes down.  He's also got an extremely heavy shot, which I think this tentative to shoot team might be able to utilize more than a sniper's shot that might miss high or wide.

It's not that I think we already have too much of what Sexton has to offer.  Lord knows, we can always use a little more speed and shot, but with guys like Chipchura and Sutton out, we need someone that at least makes you pay a price.  For that reason, I'd really like to see Beleskey back with the big club.