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Raleigh Nights: The Ballot Of Corey Bobby


After Sunday's game against the Oilers, Ducks fans will have four hockeyless days and some Turkey Day respite to fill out their All-Star ballots. Currently, Selanne, Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan are on the official NHL nomination list. Interestingly, a poll conducted via text message during the game on Fox Sports tonight asked which player should make it to Raleigh, and it was a three way split between Selanne, Getzlaf and Perry with Ryan getting no votes.

Daniel, which Duck do you think DESERVES to make the All-Star game? And if you think a Duck will make it withotu deserving it, feel free to mention him, too.

Honestly, I think it's a coin flip on Perry and Selanne as to who DESERVES to be at the All-Star game. Both of them have been exceeding expectations this year. If nothing else, I give Selanne the edge because this is his last year, and he's a 40 year old player who is in the top 15 in league scoring and top 12 in PP scoring. The Finnish Flash even shared a little media attention with Nicklas Lidstrom when Ken Campbell of The Hockey News praised him for his accomplishments in a league where the youth are beginning to take over. Selanne's accomplishments clearly warrant All Star attention. Let's face it, he's still amazing to watch.

In the meantime, Perry has been steadily climbing out of Getzlaf's shadow. He's starting to make his own chances and scoring chances for others. That's why he leads the Ducks with 23 points. In a time when Getzlaf can be counted on to look like a space cadet for at least a third of the game, and Bobby Ryan will do work in the corners but not the crease, Perry continues to bring his lunch pail to the rink, annoy the hell out of the opposition, and find ways to put the puck in the net. He has been almost unstoppable this year and will make any All-Star game worth watching.

Sadly, Getzlaf gets the most face time on the NHL network. He's the captain, and he's the star. He's always been the more noticed of the two, and he'll be the one who makes the All-Star game this year. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if the Ducks had 3 players headed to Raleigh.


You know, I'm tempted to say Perry, too, just because he's hot right now. But I feel the answer here is Selanne. I say that knowing full well that he may be out of at least the next game with what is now reportedly a sore groin.  

Selanne is quietly marching up the all-time leaderboard for goal scoring, and he's not being shy about it. He's a threat out there every night and is arguably just as confident as Perry. Plus, it's always nice to see the older guys at the All-Star game (assuming he'd go). Al MacInnis in the Hardest Shot competition was worth the price of admission, and the NHL All-Star game typically features living legends.

Not that Selanne at the All-Star game would represent silver foxes whistling past the retirement home. The guy has earned it. His 2010 highlight reel is as notable for its goals as its assists.  Yeah, that's right, the guy who I roll my eyes at every year for not backchecking a single centimeter and blowing every pass for longer than ten feet is threading the needle on gamewinners this year. He's still not backchecking, but you get the point. He's earned your vote.