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Open Gameday Thread Oilers @ Ducks

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Edmonton Oilers
@ Anaheim Ducks

Sunday, Nov 21, 2010, 5:00 PM PST



Your Enemy: The Copper & Blue

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Reading the OCR reports going into tonight's game, there's a sense of people going on vacation a day early. Corey Perry is questionable to rest a bruise and Selanne is being careful with his sore groin. That's not to say these aren't serious injuries and that two of our most valuable players to date shouldn't rest them. But you get the feeling that they're resting them because the only thing standing between them and a much needed break is the Oilers.

Now, I don't deny that Edmonton is having a bad season. Dead last in goals against per game, 29th in shots and shots against per game and 12 points in 18 games defines 'bad season.' However, it behooves everyone to note that Anaheim is tied with Edmonton in goals per game, while also being 26th in shots per game, 28th in shots against per game and their point lead on the Oilers would be shaved to three if Edmonton won a two point game tonight and proceeded to win the remaining three games in hand they have on the Ducks.

This team isn't in a position to be looking down its nose across the ice, and while some players absolutely should take this game off, that sentiment should be quarantined as much as possible.