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I'm going to the All-Star game!!!! . . . Sitting in Row B.  Oh yeah, team tickets baby.
I'm going to the All-Star game!!!! . . . Sitting in Row B. Oh yeah, team tickets baby.

The Ducks are nursing a five game losing streak during their Thanksgiving break, and the front office is making more than a few minor roster moves during the downtime.  The news according to Eric Stephens is that Bob Murray is fine with the roster as is and that if he's looking for anyone, it's for the purposes of filling the third and fourth lines. 

Still, after all these moves, the possibility of an NHL player for NHL player trade is on the table, and Anaheim is perhaps looking to infuse some new blood into the lineup, so it behooves me to ask: Daniel, do you think a trade is the answer to the Ducks' problems right now?

A trade might help if it stops the spinning doors on the Anaheim lines. But honestly, I don't think a trade will really solve any problems. The Ducks have played well throughout this losing streak, except for, you know, all the losing. They just haven't been able to get the bounces to go their way. Deflections are getting past Hiller, but Anaheim's deflections keep hitting the opposition netminders. Several times against the Oilers, the Ducks couldn't get rebounds to lay flat for the put back. Bobby Ryan hit a few posts; Getzlaf...wait, did Getzlaf play? I digress. Moral of the story, this team has been carrying the play for very long stretches, but they haven't been getting the goal totals they need to win games.

Lupul will be back in a couple of weeks, and he'll increase the scoring depth. It's been so long since he played that when he comes back, it will be like acquiring a brand new player via trade. Personally, I think the Ducks will eventually have to move Blake. Sure, he plays hard, but he also can't tell the difference between the back of the net and the logo on a goalie's sweater he's been so snakebit lately.

Trades always sound like a good idea. As fans, we love to read about them, and shiny new players always bring a sense of new possibilities. However, for the past few years, this team's psyche has been very temperamental. If they start getting punished for playing well, but not getting the desired result, they'll start to wonder what they have to do in order for their jobs to be safe. Right now, Murray needs to calm down and channel Phil Jackson. If the Ducks play through this and come out on the right end, they will be a better and more dangerous team.


Well, there are trades that would help, picking up a major defenseman for example, but I don't think that's what Murray is looking for right now.  But I definitely see the benefits of bringing in some strong depth players and strong locker room guys who might be immune, or at least resistant, to the culture of complacency that permeates the Anaheim locker room.  I think the poor opening to the season proved that the Ducks have yet to acquire those players.

And this is a team where the depth forwards can have a lot of impact.  The third and fourth lines under Carlyle have picked up the play for a listless top six on numerous occasions, so I really can't deny the positive effect of minor trades.  Ultimately, though, I don't think a minor trade would do anything.  This team needs more, just as it needed more during free agency.

Right now, I think it's more important for Carlyle to get through to his star players and for his star players to dig deep than it is for us to make key acquisitions.  It would be nice to get the equivalent of a Pahlsson or even a McDonald, and I don't deny that would help, but right now I'd rather trade Getzlaf for GETZLAF.  I'm not opposed to a big deal, of course, but until there's whispers of Murray actually considering one, I'm not holding my breath either.