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Open Gameday Thread Kings @ Ducks

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Next Game

Los Angeles Kings
@ Anaheim Ducks

Monday, Nov 29, 2010, 7:00 PM PST



Your Enemy: Jewels From The Crown

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Before Saturday night, Anaheim had emerged the loser in every contest since their November 12th win over Dallas. Going into tonight's game, the Kings have not won a game in regulation since their November 13th victory over the Islanders. In their respective seven game stretches, Los Angeles has two points via a shootout victory over the Bruins, and the Ducks have four points via two overtime losses and their victory over the Coyotes.

Slow and steady wins the race?

A tough road trip seems to have cooled down LA after a hot start, but the Ducks are once again attempting to reverse engineer a win to figure out how to mass produce the product.

According to the OCR, Selanne counts himself in and Visnovsky is still testing his back. Lupul, meanwhile, is helping out the Ducks' minor league club . . . again.