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Jen(ny)'s Choice

In his interview with the media, Ducks' GM Bob Murray alluded to the possibility of breaking up "The Big 3" of Ryan Getzlaf, Bobby Ryan, and Corey Perry to bring in a "major piece" to help the club. I don't know about you guys, but after reading that, my first reaction was, "Wait. What? No way he said that." I re-read the paragraph. My second reaction was, "OH NO HE DIDN'T." After a flurry of expletives in my mind, I was finally able to calm down and come to a few conclusions.

First, if you haven't already done so, read Helene Elliott's article from Monday's LA Times. I found it accurately summed up a lot of angst that Ducks' fans are feeling across the blogosphere. Shock me, shock me, we don't all agree with Murray's assessment of the reasons for the Ducks' current situation.

Second, if a gun was held to my head, which one of the three would I part with? Obviously, this is purely hypothetical. Who knows if Murray would actually pull the trigger on what could be a trade of the decade (or if Samueli would let him). Let's look at the guys and see if I can come to a conclusion - without using stats and junk, not my deal.

Ryan Getzlaf

Pros: He's a Hulk - no one disputes that. The man has the strength of a werewolf with the graceful, fast hands of a vampire (BOOM! Oh yes, I did). Many see Getzlaf as the real future of the organization. He was the popular choice for captain, even if it was earlier than some expected. He was given the "C" by his teammates - not the coaching staff, owners, or front office. The NHL featured him in their marketing campaign to open the 2009-2010 season, and Team Canada nearly crapped its collective pants when he got hurt before the Olympic games. I've said it a billion times before, when he's on his game, he is unstoppable.

Cons: He's a Hulk. You either get the sensational play or dumbass penalties. Whether he phones it in at the end of games and stops moving his legs, leading to hooking penalties, or takes exception to someone looking at him sideways and accidentally punches them in the face, he's just not mature enough to control his temper. Yet, when he exercises too much control, his play becomes flat. He continues to pass first instead to winding up that heavy shot. He's a notorious slow starter, too.

Corey Perry

Pros: He's kind of a douche, but in a good way. He's always crashing the net, chopping away for a lot of ugly goals. When he's on an offensive roll, pucks will always find the net. Don't you remember the point streak he went on last year? The natural chemistry between himself and Getzlaf isn't up there with Selanne and Kariya just yet, but they're the best Ducks' tandem since. He pisses people off and gets them to take the stupid penalties.

Cons: Like Getzlaf, you can easily get under Perry's skin, and get him to react. He'll fight almost anyone for any reason, especially when the team is losing. He tends to be a little too cute with the puck by adding one more deke than necessary. Not sure if he knows what defense is or how to play it, though for some reason he wanted to be a penalty killer. He always grows a creepy flesh colored beard at some point during the season, and it's just wrong. Oh and he's kind of a douche.

Bobby Ryan

Pros: There is a reason we all held our collective breath as the days of his RFA ticked by. He's a pure goal scorer with a lazer shot. He's shown that he's flexible and willing to try (even if unsuccessfully) whatever the coach asks of him. He's a big body that doesn't skate like he's lumbering. Bobby's not afraid to throw that body around either. Remember the hit on Oscar Mollar? Oscar and the Kings haven't. Hell of a good guy, too. Next to Teemu Selanne, he's the most popular and available to the fans. And for some ridiculous/uncomfortable reason, he's the object of way too many man-crushes across the hockey community.

Cons: Ridiculously slow starter. His worst enemy (next to Carlyle) is his own mind. Ryan tends to over-think his play when things aren't clicking for him. His has no poker face. When he's frustrated or annoyed, he rolls his eyes or stares to the sky with the "WHY ME" look. Like Perry, he tends to get too fancy with plays and turns the puck over. He may have scored on a couple of spin-o-rama's, but it's not going to happen every game. He tends to gain the ire of Carlyle in the media more than the other players (save Getzlaf of late).

Well there you go, the pros and cons of the boys. In my opinion, the cons DON'T outweigh the pros. If Murray does trade one of them, I'm pretty sure the Ducks fan base would implode. Player related merchandise sales would begin to tank (like you're going to buy a Jason Blake jersey). The marketability of the team would go down. I highly doubt even a healthy Joffrey Lupul could replace any one of them.

So my choice for the one to vote off is . (Written in invisible ink)

Now it's your turn! Play Survivor Tribe member and decide who is getting voted off Anaheim Island.