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Open Gameday Thread Penguins @ Ducks

Next Game

Pittsburgh Penguins
@ Anaheim Ducks

Friday, Nov 5, 2010, 7:00 PM PDT



Your Enemy: PensBurgh

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It's not difficult to find depressing numbers this season. Anaheim is 0-3-1 through 13 games when looking for back to back wins. Coach Dan Bylsma laments of his struggling Penguins entering Ponda Center that 6-6-1 is not where anyone wants to be-- the Ducks are 5-7-1. Ryan Getzlaf leads the team with 12 turnovers, Bobby Ryan leads the time firing into 15 blocks (a factor of his power play time one would hope) and Corey Perry leads the team in minor penalties with 8.

There are some uplifting numbers, too. Selanne plays his 1200th game tonight, putting him just 51 NHL games played shy of his boyhood idol Jari Kurri. Ryan Getzlaf leads the team with 38 hits in that loosely tracked statistic and has an edge on second place roughly the size of Matt Beleskey's total hits for the season. Bobby Ryan leads the team in takeaways with 10. And Corey Perry leads the team in drawn penalties with 6.

Numbers are funny. It's not as if the team is not producing or performing at all, but they're not producing or performing on a consistent basis, game to game or even shift to shift. That performance will show up somewhere in the statistics, especially in the team (and largely fantasy hockey irrelevant) numbers of 5-7-1 with no back-to-back wins.

Matt Beleskey is recovering steadily from his concussion and is apparently free basing Jiffy Pop.

Post any game info and lineup changes in the comments.