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Open Gameday Recap Thread Predators @ Ducks

Tonight, the Ducks overcame the weapons grade bad magumbo jinx of AC staffer Robby, whose presence at Ponda Center caused the Nashville Predators to answer every Anaheim goal save a final score by Paul Mara with 1.7 seconds left, which resulted in a 5-4 Ducks victory.  

Afterwards, Robby was quoted as saying, "Suck it, hex," though it was clear to everyone watching that the Ducks would have had a much easier time had he not been there.  Early in the game, the team was plagued by turnovers, which mysteriously fixed themselves only to be replaced by penalty troubles and unpredictable bounces, which mysteriously fixed themselves, only to be replaced by disjointed work on the power play, which mysteriously fixed itself, only to be replaced by a swarm of locusts (roughly shaped like Cal O'Reilly) which tied the game for Nashville with less than four minutes to play.  The locusts briefly swarmed in formation to spell out the words "Thank You, Robby" before leaving Ponda Center through the South Entrance.

According to magumbo experts, the Ducks would have won 1-0, 2-1, 3-2 or 4-3 if Robby had left the arena after any of the first four Ducks goals, but his continued presence emboldened the Nasvhille Predator players, who were trying to win it for Robby aka Jinxy McJinxerson.

In site news, SBN still insists I write Gameday recaps even though I sometimes resort to the preceding paragraphs.


The following tweet has been altered.

Not the prettiest way to win. But we found a way. Sullivan thanked me for giving him a breakaway in the first. I told him I'd forward his thanks to Robby.via Echofon

Nobody blames you, Bobby, not with Robby so clearly working against you.