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Open Gameday Recap Thread Ducks @ Capitals

Some recaps of tonight's contest between the Caps and Ducks will, while dripping with East Coast bias, point out that Washington just couldn't finish off the Ducks on the way to a 2-1 overtime loss.  And that is shamelessly biased, but also quite accurate.  After a strong 1st period, the Caps just couldn't build on their one-goal lead, and in a game with only four penalties, Joffrey Lupul tied the game on a power play in the 2nd to draw the teams even until overtime, when Ryan Getzlaf spun off his man in the corner and ruffled the netting behind Varlamov as much from the sonic boom of the shot as the impact of the puck.

The Ducks got a few bounces, which means the Capitals didn't, but overall, Anaheim played well enough not to be put away, took advantage of one of the game's few power plays and found a great individual effort in overtime.  I'm sure in framing the loss for next week's episode of the 24/7 series, HBO will describe the storyline that way.  They won't, at all, belittle Anaheim and say that the Capitals hit rock bottom here or something.  Cheeky bastards.