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Power Shifter

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The Ducks have been undone by their first period efforts on this road trip, and the game in Carolina was no exception.  However, as the beginning and the end of that game also showed, the Ducks have had some trouble on the man advantage.  Daniel, what do you think is wrong with the Ducks power play?

The primary problem has to be execution. The Hurricanes gift-wrapped that comeback, and the Ducks couldn't execute. Execution stems from confidence, and the Ducks don't have that right now. Koivu was so desperate to tie the game that he didn't wait the half-second for Cam Ward to go all the way down and give him an empty net. I'd also like to note that it should be impossible for a team to lose the puck when they have a 6-on-3, but the Ducks managed to do that. That's a result of not using the man advantage to exploit the soft areas and out-man the defense.

The same thing happened in the final minute when the Ducks got outnumbered behind the net. That situation should have never happened. When Selanne gets forced along the boards, there's no support. Nobody is where he should be, and as a result, the Hurricanes swarm and come out with the puck.

The last thing I want to say about that depressing power play demonstration is that Carlyle should be slapped. Joffrey Lupul has two PP goals in the last two games and he didn't see the ice at all in the final 4 minutes. Meanwhile, Bobby Ryan was practically invisible. Bobby hasn't been the same player since Lupul came back into the lineup. Lupul is starting his 7th NHL season as a full time player; Bobby is starting his 3rd. Bobby is indicative of this team, he doesn't have an identity yet. In an important situation like last night, Lupul should have gotten his shoulder tapped, not Bobby. Carlyle needs to do a better job of managing his personnel.


First, I'll admit that we watched this game together, and this question was bait for you to talk about Bobby Ryan and troll Robby.  And while I won't be as black and white as you were about the difference between Bobby and Joffrey, I will pick up on that last point and say that Joffrey Lupul should see some more time.  

Over the past few years, under Newell Brown and under new management, this has been a skilled power play unit with the tendency to be too patient and to pass their way out of scoring chances.  That tendency was usually neutralized by Teemu Selanne's willingness to convert shallow angle shots like empty netters.

In the absence of Selanne, the team struggled but found success in Lupul.  With the return of Selanne, I don't see why the power play is the one place in Carlyle's depth chart that is immune to his "hot hand" mentality.  Honestly, we haven't seen a fresh face shuffled into the power play since Sammy Pahlsson, and you could argue that Lupul has earned the extra time, especially since he scored digging around the net.  

I'm not saying it's wise to go with Lupul instead of Selanne (or maybe Ryan at the end of the game, as you said) but many people are wondering how wise most of Carlyle's personnel decisions are.  Why the inconsistency, is all I'm asking.

People who love Bobby will argue that we're trolling them as much as Robby, and Jen will probably say we're trying to get Lupul to bikini-numbers.  Honestly, though, I just don't understand how Carlyle can blow up his even strength lines every three shifts, but can't offer more power play time to a hot shooter in his lineup.