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Anaheim Calling's Secret Santa: Brett

Ducks Shot glasses
Ducks Shot glasses

I drew Daniel in the AC Secret Santa, and as such, I was presented with a fantastic opportunity to mess with who deserves it. In the spirit of the holidays, I just didn't feel right throwing away money on garbage that he didn't want, but I also couldn't get him something useful, so I settled on an option that would satisfy both of my requirements. I needed something that wasn't a total waste, but would somehow leave Daniel disappointed: I made a donation in his name.

Keeping with the Ducks theme, I chose for Daniel to support the Teemu Selanne Youth Sports Foundation. The mission statement as it reads on their site is "The Teemu Selanne Youth Sports Foundation (TSYSF) provides financial, educational and inspirational opportunities for children and their families through structured sports programs".

"Yeah," I thought to myself, "Daniel can get behind that." I figured that would piss him off a bit being the only one not really getting anything, but it's not like he can really be outwardly upset because it's a donation made to a cool charity.

If he really gets ticked about this, he can have a scotch with me out of the cool Ducks rocks glasses I bought myself (pictured left).