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Anaheim Calling's Secret Santa: Robby

As luck would have it, I got our resident trouble-maker, Jen, for the office Secret Santa. Now I know the obvious play here is to go with a Ducks bikini or something similarly themed (I tried very hard to find a Ducks surfboard as I thought it would have been perfect), but I'm going to take a different approach here. I want to offer Jen a chance for redemption and a potential "in" for AC in all future endeavors. With that in mind, I'm sending Jen to Casino Night.

Now, I know that Jen has been to Casino Night in the past, but I also know that it's not something she can do on a yearly basis (have you seen the ticket prices?!). Given that the major dramz between Jen and Joff (henceforth to be known as Jeniffrey) didn't transpire until this off-season, Jen hasn't really had a chance to mend that scorched bridge.

At last year's Casino Night, Jen was able to get in good with Bodie and Chipchurra and also had some nice moments with Scotty. With any luck, she'll be able to use this innate ability to take the story of Jeniffrey to the next level.