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Open Gameday Thread Ducks @ Panthers

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Anaheim Ducks
@ Florida Panthers

Monday, Feb 1, 2010, 4:30 PM PST
BankAtlantic Center


Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: Litter Box Cats

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Anaheim's official farewell to Jiggy seems rather brief, but it punctuates an attempt, on the part of both Bob Murray and Brian Burke, to treat the man with respect and give him the value of his contract, as well as his no trade clause. J.P Hoornstra even reports that Murray wanted the deal done much earlier, which would have drained more money from the firmly budgeted Anaheim coffers but would have created a better situation for Giguere by sending him to Toronto, a team he agreed to waive his no trade clause for, much earlier. The situation was inevitable the moment Hiller signed a two-year renewal, but it was good to see the organization treat its outgoing netminder with dignity.

The trade is a win-win with acceptable losses for either side. Toronto adds 2M to next year's cap hit, but unloads 4M in cap hit for the 2011-12 season. Anaheim unloads its un-unload-able goaltender and clears 4M in salary for next year, but will add 3M in salary to the 2011-12 season. The benefits of the players can be debated (and Daniel and I have, even debating a player who wasn't traded), as well as the difficulties of Anaheim feeling the possibly negative effects of the trade for an additional year, but in a trade between a cap team and a salary team, everybody got what they wanted.

I will be in the comments at 5pm or maybe a little later, and I will be watching on Gamecenter LIVE (where I hope I can catch the game).

Post any game info and lineup changes in the comments.