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Open Gameday Recap Thread Ducks @ Panthers


Jonas Hiller celebrated his new contract by shutting out the Florida Panthers.  I'm sure that was sad for the 5,000 people who managed to make it to the game.  It's definitely sad to see a class act like JIggy go, but I think we're in good hands.  Ryan Getzlaf decided to make his way back to the goals column by converting a turn over for the game's first goal.  He would later assist on Corey Perry's goal, Anaheim's third of the game, that all but sealed the game away. 

Teemu Selanne continues to impress this year.  He looks nothing like his 40 years.  The man comes back after missing 8 games with a broken jaw and managed to score a power play goal.  Hopefully he can get our PP going again and lead the Ducks to a playoff birth.  It wasn't a great trip for the Ducks who went 3-3-0.  A wasted opportunity in Atlanta leaves them 5 points out of a playoff spot. However, the recent struggles of Calgary, Detroit, and Dallas might give the Ducks enough opportunities to pay their way back into the post season.