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Open Gameday Recap Thread Ducks @ Oilers


I won't say these were an important two points, because every two points from here on out is important.  If I had the money I'd start a two pints for two points rule that would help me enjoy our victories better. Maybe I'll start a pay pal account.  Moral of the story, the Ducks spent Valentines day putting on their own massacre and clobbered the Oilers 7-3.  The score's a little deceptive seeing as how Anaheim was only up by a goal after the first two periods.  But a PP tally by Getzlaf in the first 6 minutes in the period opened the flood gates on a 4 goal period that would see the Ducks net 3 power play goals.  Hopefully that's a little payback for the 3 shorthanded goals they managed to give up in their last two games against Edmonton.  

Ryan Getzlaf was the focal point of this game.  He proved he's ready for the Olympics by scoring two goals and assisting on two others.  His four point night should let everyone in Vancouver know that Canada's second line center will be ready and effective in chasing down the gold.  It should also be a relief to Ducks fans to see him skating so well.  Hopefully he'll fly like this when he comes back from the Olympics.  

Not much going on since the Olympic Break is here.  It's good to end this segment of the season on a win.  If the Ducks can keep some momentum going into the end of the season they might be able to jump into the 8th and final playoff spot and enjoy either a rematch with the Sharks or Anaheim's first playoff series against the Chicago Blackhawks.  Either series would be well worth my tv time.