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The Anaheim Calling Store

AC Shirt
AC Shirt


Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

We're proud to announce the launch of The Anaheim Calling Store.  There will be a permanent link to the store in our left sidebar from now on, as well as a flash widget in the right sidebar of our interior pages.  We only have two shirts right now, but docescobar's Kings rivalry shirt and Floyd's skate deflection shirt are still on the table;  we're hoping to let a few more ideas trickle in (and maybe think of some ourselves), and then poll the readers on what they would like to see.   

The first shirt is a basic black Anaheim Calling shirt with a duck call hanging above our logo and web address.  The t-shirt printers can't print around the neck area, so the illusion of wearing the duck call depends on having a jacket over the shirt.  Still, we think it's pretty awesome for our site promotion shirt. 

The second shirt is available in any of 33 colors, but the basic white is only $13.99.  Also a huge selling point, it doesn't have our name or web address anywhere on it, so it's basically just a Canal Street shirt.  The design is a motivational poster mockup with the words "Curl & Drag" and the subheading "Because it worked in juniors" both under an awesome photo of the Curl-&-Dragster himself taken by our photographer, CK.  If the response to this shirt is positive, we hope to set up a photo session with CK and some local hockey players to put together some funnier pictures.

We only have the short sleeved shirts available right now, but we can put the design on long sleeves, hoodies, hats, beanies, sweatshirts, unisex shirts, and basically anything you see our brethren hocking at the SBN shop.  If you want to see a design on a different piece of clothing, drop a request in the comments.  Oh, and let us know what you think.