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Open Gameday Thread USA vs SUI

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United States vs. Switzerland

Tuesday, Feb 16 2010, 12:00PM PST



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I figure we'd try out gameday threads for the Olympics (and by 'try out' I mean this is the last one I'll try in the afternoon of a work week if no one shows up).  But assuming you've found a way to watch this game on the USA Network during lunch or what not, feel free to talk about it here.  Bobby versus Jonas.  Whitney versus himself (and Sbisa, I guess).  Should be fun.

I searched high and low for an Olympic hockey schedule in text to post here, and the best I could find was from The Huffington Post.  Brokenyard spotted an error in that one, so I'll just refer you to Dominik's over at Lighthouse Hockey.

UPDATE:  Anyone who wants to talk Team Canada can do so in this thread, too.