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The Anaheim Calling Team Finland Shirt

Suomi Front
Suomi Front



Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

Inspired by a pro-Finland post by Sleek and a subsequent discussion with SB Nation user sleza regarding Finnish profanity, I decided we needed our own Team Finland shirt.  Sleza turned me on to the chant "Ihanaa Leijonat, Ihanaa!" which he roughly translates as "Wonderful Lions, Wonderful!"  You can hear the chant in action in the video above.  We took that chorus and put it underneath Suomi on a long sleeved shirt.  Then, on the back:


Koivu 2 Selanne

We've also got it in the standard T-shirt, but the long sleeves give it that jersey look.  If you want to support any of our other boys in the Olympics, or want a shirt to welcome them as conquering heroes upon their return, throw us your ideas in the comments.