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Open Gameday Thread Olympics Super Sunday

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Today's matchups really need no introduction.  These are legitimate rivals, not to mention (although they repeatedly did) rematches of the last three Gold Medal games.  And yet, the current TV schedule had me rubbing my eyes.  

Sunday, February 21
3:00p - 6:00p
NBC Los Angeles (4)
Men's Hockey
Jaromir Jagr and Patrik Elias lead the Czech Republic against NHL superstar Alexander Ovechkin and Russia as Olympic Hockey continues from Vancouver.

4:00p - 7:00p
MSNBC  (49)
Men's Hockey
NHL superstar Sidney Crosby leads the Canadians as they host Patrick Kane, Ryan Miller and Team USA.

9:00p - 12:00a (2/22)
MSNBC  (49)
Men's Hockey
Henrik Lundqvist and Sweden take on Finland as early round-robin Hockey action continues from Vancouver.

-From the NBC Olympics website's TV Listings.

Why, exactly, is the US/Canada game not on NBC?  I guess it's all the same.  It's not like too many people are going to be watching the game on broadcast television.  Plus, there are plenty of superstars and medal hopes to go around; it's not like any of these games is a dud on the NBC flagship station.  Still, if you were a casual fan, and someone called you at 4pm today to tell you the US/Canada game was starting, wouldn't you turn your TV to NBC?  Then maybe CNBC?  I don't know if the network TV advertising rates for the Olympics are the same as cable, but I'm no longer surprised that NBC is losing hundreds of millions of dollars to broadcast this event.

All eyes will fall on the USA/Canada game, but I suggest you resist the urge to go to bed early and miss the Finland/Sweden game.  Happy gameday!

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