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US Upsets Canada

It was a great win. NBC is, perhaps, overplaying its value (after downplaying its existence by broadcasting it on MSNBC). After all, this isn't actually the first time the US has upset Canada in 50 years. Gabe from Behind The Net will tell you that, while this is the first US Olympic win over Canada since 1960, this is only the seventh time the United States has played Canada in the 12 Winter Games since Squaw Valley and the US actually upset Canada in Canada as recently as the World Cup in 1996.

Still, on paper, this was no-names versus marquee-names, a young, transitional group against a roster that you couldn't draft in a four-player fantasy league. Yet, everything came together for Team USA where it seemed to stall for Canada. Burke's orchestra seemed fluid and well-rehearsed. The first violin (Rafalski) was clutch early, the conductor (Miller) clutch throughout, and a team that seemed to be made up mostly of tuba players was suddenly humming through the most difficult piece out there: Beat Canada in B Major.

The SBN stores are already a-buzz to commemorate the win with Die By The Blade offering up this beauty, and the general SBN store stocking this shirt. We promised you guys a Team USA shirt, but truthfully, I haven't come up with anything yet. On something Bobby Ryan related, my only idea was to put the Bobby chant (Bob...bee!! Bob...bee!!) on the front with his Team USA number (54) on the back. As far as general Team USA ideas, there are many, but I really don't know what you guys want to see.

So, we put it to a poll. What do you want to see, if anything at all, on a US upsets Canada shirt?