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Open Gameday Thread Olympics Elimination Round


Today, eight teams attempt to play their way into tomorrow's quarterfinals.  On one side of the bracket, the US awaits the winner of Switzerland/Belarus, while Finland awaits the winner of Czech Republic/Latvia.  On the other side, Sweden is watching the Slovakia/Norway game, and Russia has its eyes on the Canada/Germany contest.

I was going to make a graphic for the bracket, but I'm running short on time this morning, so I'll direct you to Dirk's over at On The Forecheck.  The most serious effect of the US upset victory over Canada is a likely quarterfinal matchup between Canada and Russia, two medal favorites before the start of the Vancouver games.  It's hard not to look past this round and start talking about the respective paths to the Gold Medal, but even assuming that all of the higher seeds advance, it will be interesting to see how this Team Czech Republic and Team Canada regroup before their matchups with Finland and Russia, respectively, tomorrow.