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Open Gameday Thread Olympics Quarterfinals


Here's your schedule for the day. 

Wednesday, February 24
3:00p - 5:00p
NBC Los Angeles (4)
After posting a stunning 5-3 upset of Canada on Sunday, Ryan Miller and Team USA return to the ice to take on Switzerland for a spot in Hockey's semifinals.

4:00p - 7:00p
CNBC  (48)
Men's Hockey
After losing to Team USA, 5-3, on Sunday, Sidney Crosby and Canada bounced back with an 8-2 win over Germany on Tuesday. Now Crosby and the home-ice favorites take on Alexander Ovechkin and Russsia for a spot in the semifinal round.
7:00p - 9:30p
CNBC  (48)
Men's Hockey
In the day's third elimination game, Jaromir Jagr and the Czech Republic square off against Finland for a spot in the semifinal round.
9:30p - 11:30p
CNBC  (48)
Men's Hockey
The fourth and final semifinal spot is on the line in the day's last win-or-go-home contest. Sweden and Slovakia square off live as Olympic Hockey continues.

-From the NBC Olympics website's TV Listings.

Again, I pulled this from the NBC listings for the LA market, so this is the TV schedule for the day if you're watching through a Los Angeles market cable provider.  As you can see, the US versus Switzerland game is on west coast tape delay.  I honestly don't understand the value of a 3pm tape delay on a Wednesday.  At 12pm, most people will be able to watch the 1st period during lunch (especially since it's on NBC).  At 3pm, the entire game becomes unwatchable, not to mention the fact that it will go head to head with the most competitive game of the day, Canada/Russia on CNBC.  In all likelihood, NBC assumes we don't watch hockey out here-- their national game schedule is proof of that --and would prefer not to pre-empt the Ellen DeGeneres show or Days of Our Lives.