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Open Gameday Recap Thread Red Wings @ Ducks


The Ducks were 5 points behind Detroit, who currently occupy the 8th seed, in the standings.  Anyone can see this is a must win game and the Ducks NEED 2 regulation points to close the gap and put some pressure on the Wings.  Sadly, I don't know if they did or not, because I was busy cooking dinner for my girlfriend on her birthday and giving her her first hockey free night probably since she's known me, or at least since her last birthday.  Highlights can be found by on the Anaheim Calling front page, on the right side, just below the fanposts.  For a written account of the game check out the yahoo sports nhl page here, or the OC Register's coverage which can be found here.  I hope it was an entertaining game.  Don't worry about me, DVR will tell me all about it tomorrow.