Second Round of T-Shirt Ideas

So, if you haven't checked out our SBN store, it's here. Ideally, we should be taking ideas from the community for new shirts, but we're stumped as a group. I was hoping to have five ideas for us to vote on, but we currently have three:

A. docescobar07's Kings Rivalry shirt.

B. Floyd Gondoli's deflect the puck off of our idiot defensemen shirt

C. F.O.W.L. shirt

So, I'm opening it up to suggestions one more time. What do you guys want to see? The store is really for you.

On top of what you guys come up with, I'm working on a couple of designs. The first one is a basic Bobby shirt with a silhouette of a goal celebration and the chant Bob...bee!!! The second is a parody of Mount Rushmore with our enforcers over the years and the words "Gooning It Up Since 1993" The former just requires me to create a silhouette that doesn't violate someone's copyright, but the latter actually requires me to hire an artist. If you can help with either, shoot me a line.

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