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Open Gameday Recap Thread Sharks @ Ducks



The Ducks finally have something to be happy about...maybe.  First the good news.  We beat the Sharks.  That also means we avoided being swept by the team we dismissed in the first round of last year's playoffs.  Teemu Selanne scored his 599th career goal.  The Ducks finally have a victory since coming back from the Olympic break, and have about the same shot of making the playoffs as the 1980 US Olympic hockey team had of beating team Russia.  But we all know how that one worked out so here's to hoping they keep playing like this.  Apparently, Dan Sexton is Joe Thornton kryptonite. Big Sexy took down Jumbo Joe with a wild hip check in the first period.  Highlight of my night.  

Things that fall into the not so good category: Ryan Getzlaf and Teemu Selanne are hurt.  Selanne went shoulder first into the boards after stretching for a centering pass, and no one really knows what's wrong with Getzlaf.  But if both of those two miss any time down this stretch, the Ducks chances of making the playoffs will go from 1980 level Miracle, to snowball's chance in hell.  

Still, no reason not to enjoy a victory.  If the Ducks refuse to play well every game, I appreciate that they at least show up to games against teams that I hate.