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Peck o' Picks

LA Draft
LA Draft


Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

Are you thinking about the Draft yet? It's coming to LA, you know.

At this point, even non-Ducks fans are thinking about what Anaheim will do this summer, as evidenced by a request I received from our old friend James O'Brien this morning. He was writing a story for ProHockeyTalk on the Ducks, and he had a simple question: Where is Anaheim picking this year?

It's a fair question, but I hadn't sifted through the trades and conditional picks just yet. I did it over lunch, and while I couldn't get them to O'Brien in time, I have them for you after the jump.

The Ducks played with a lot of picks for this year's Draft, and I've re-constructed the deals as best I can. There is currently no comprehensive list for Draft picks; even the guys at ProSportsTransactions have missed a few late round moves. If you spot something I've missed, PLEASE put it in the comments or email me.

Ducks Picks In The 2010 NHL Entry Draft

Round 1

Anaheim Pick

Philadelphia Pick - Acquired in the Chris Pronger trade

Round 2

Anaheim Pick

Round 3

Philadelphia Pick (conditional and pending): If Flyers win the Stanley Cup this year, the Ducks have the option of taking this pick or the Philadelphia third-round pick in 2011

Round 4

Anaheim Pick

Round 5

Anaheim Pick

Round 6

Dallas Pick (conditional and condition satisfied): If Sutherby re-signs with the Dallas Stars.

Phoenix Pick: Acquired in the Nokelainen trade

Round 7


Picks Traded Away:

ANA third-round: Moved to Tampa Bay in Artyukhin trade.

ANA sixth-round (unconfirmed): The team moved a sixth-round pick in the Visnovsky trade, but the Ducks had at least one other pick in that round at the time.

ANA seventh-round: Moved in the Lindstrom trade.

BOS fourth-round: Acquired in the Kampfer trade and moved in the Ward trade.