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Open Gameday Thread Islanders @ Ducks

Next Game

New York Islanders
@ Anaheim Ducks

Friday, Mar 19, 2010, 7:00 PM PDT



Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: Lighthouse Hockey

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Five points in five games. If you wrote down the Sharks and Hawks games as automatic losses before this homestand, then we are where you thought we'd be. If you were relying on the Ducks playing to the level of their competition (despite dropping the first FIVE contests to the Sharks) then we're also where you thought we'd be. Did both of you think we'd be eight points out?

In possibly good news, tonight could be a good night for 600. Not because of the opponent or because of who's in net, but because of this:

Congratulations, Paul. I hope you asked Teemu, "What's taking you so long?" at least twice when he called to congratulate you. Or maybe, "If stand-up goalies spotted me 76 goals my rookie year, I'd be at 599, too"-- y'know, something to that effect. Light a fire under that Finn!

Eminger will get the call tonight. I'm not sure how that changes the pairings. Carlyle says it could be a direct swap:

And I don't mind Eminger taking most of Wisniewski's time. Brookbank would get exposed if we up the quality of competition on him for 8 games. But you have to wonder, with the coaching staff publicly expressing disappointment with Eminger twice already this season, whether or not Steve can make it 8 games.

WCHA Final Five game at noon today! St. Cloud and Wisconsin. If you've got FSN North, and you're home for lunch, it should be good. If you don't have FSN North, I'll put up an Armchair Scout report on how our Badgers prospects played. I'm scheduled to talk to WCWP this afternoon. I believe that's Long Island University radio-- yeah, we're not much for vetting at Anaheim Calling. If you can find it, I think they've got me on at 1:15. Should be interesting.

Post any game info and lineup changes in the comments.