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***Ducks Trade Kampfer to Boston For 4th Rounder***

Anaheim announced today that it has traded the rights to Michigan Wolverines defenseman Steven Kampfer to Boston in exchange for a conditional 4th round pick.  The condition is rather complicated, as the Bruins 2010 4th round pick was part of the Daniel Paille trade with Buffalo.  Per the conditions of that trade, If Paille scores 16 or more goals this season, Boston will have the option of sending one of its two 4th Round selections (the other formerly belonging to Carolina) in 2010 to the Sabres, a decision they have to make prior to the opening of the second round.  Paille currently has nine goals.  If Paille fails to score 16 goals or if he does and Boston decides to send Carolina's pick, then the Ducks will receive the Bruins' 2010 4th Rounder.  If Boston sends its own 4th round pick to Buffalo, then the Ducks will receive the Bruins' 2011 4th Rounder. 

Kampfer was Anaheim's 4th round draft selection in 2007 and was involved in two well-publicized incidents last season.  The first was an off-ice assault involving a Michigan football player which left the defenseman with a fractured skull.  The second was an on-ice incident in which Kampfer was clotheslined and slashed in the back of the head by two Michigan state players in retaliation for what appeared to be a clean open ice hit.  Kampfer is playing well this season, though both incidents left many wondering if professional hockey was still in the young defenseman's future.