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Open Gameday Thread Ducks @ Oilers

Next Game

Anaheim Ducks
@ Edmonton Oilers

Friday, Mar 26, 2010, 6:00 PM PDT
Rexall Place


Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: The Copper & Blue

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When I say FOUR, you say TEENTH! FOUR . . . FOUR . . .

Everything is going the Ducks' way. Columbus won last night, and the OIlers are on a three game winning streak. Anaheim's even thinking about benching Getzlaf! Again, not rooting or a Ducks loss, but they haven't exactly been rooting for themselves to win. Go Jackets!

Oh, and Go Crunch! David McNab commented on the Ducks' new AHL franchise for, and he had this particularly interesting bit to say about why we shouldn't be worried about having an East Coast affiliate:

Ideally, we’d like to be further west, but the majority of the American League is out east and the scheduling and the traveling and the practice times in the east are all way better than in the west. So, what you might lose in certain things, you gain in the fact that your players are not as tired and not traveling as much and don’t have as many long road trips. In the American Hockey League, you’re supposed to get as much practice in as you can because it’s supposed to be a development league. The east is often the better place to be right now, until there is a whole influx of teams out west.

In all the years we’ve had an affiliation – whether it be Cincinnati, Portland, Des Moines – we’ve never had an issue with wanting to bring a player here on the morning of a game and they didn’t get here. Obviously, there are times when you run into weather issues, but that can happen anywhere. It would be different if we were an east coast team and had an affiliate in the west, where you’re losing three hours. Coming from east to west, you’re gaining three hours. If we want to put a player on a plane in Syracuse at 9 in the morning, he’ll be here at 2 in the afternoon. So, there really aren’t issues with that.

According to Lindsay Kramer's article this morning for The Post-Standard's Syracuse Crunch Blog, the Crunch are pretty excited about us, too, especially about David McNab. We will be linking a lot of Lindsay Kramer's work at The Post-Standard, and we have syndicated his blog in the left sidebar as of this morning. From time to time, we even hope to get his input on how the team is doing. They take their hockey seriously in Syracuse, and I'll be taking their hockey seriously, too.

Post any game info and lineup changes in the comments.