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Writers Wanted; Reader Poll

Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

Our first year with SB Nation has been comparable to the Ducks' 09-10 season: amusing at times but we clearly could have done better. As such, we're looking to add a free agent to the writing staff. If you're a Ducks fan or just a hockey fan interested in writing about the Ducks, drop us a line at anaheimcalling[at] We're not looking for a robust contribution, not at first. Something like one piece per week would be fine. But if you're not interested in writing posts and would still like to join the team, we're also looking for people to run gamedays, recaps or moderate the comment board. Uncle Arthur wants you!

This spring not only marks the end of our first season with SB Nation but also the beginning of our first offseason with the company, and we'd like to create a posting schedule for the summer. Obviously, we will be fairly busy for breaking news, free agency, the Draft and Camp, but we're generally interested in how often our readers will be returning to the site. Daniel and I posted rather frequently last offseason, and that led to a mixed bag of brilliant pieces (predicting Koivu would come to Anaheim on a 3M salary) and fluff (grading the new Power Players). Our early straw poll is rather unreliable, so we're putting it to the faceless masses, how often do you intend to check back with us this summer? Be honest.