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Open Gameday Thread Ducks @ Avalanche

Next Game

Anaheim Ducks
@ Colorado Avalanche

Wednesday, Mar 31, 2010, 6:00 PM PDT
Pepsi Center


Radio: AM830

Your Enemy: Mile High Hockey

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We're trying out a new moderator for the rest of the season and the summer, so everyone should listen to TheAngelsColts from now on, lest ye get deleted, warned or banned. I suppose you could always rise up against him and install your own moderator in his place, but under the pretense of democracy, try to show some respect, you dirty junta.

The Ducks have climbed to 11th, apparently allergic to a top ten draft pick, and they have the chance to play spoiler for an 8th seed Avalanche team tonight. Of course, they could also let the Avs have the two points and beat the Kings twice down the stretch, playing an effective spoiler for LA, which has a slim three point lead on Colorado. With six games left to play, the Western Conference bubble is suddenly very interested in which team is going to show up. Maybe more than the fans.

We'll likely see another edition of The McElNiño Show tonight, while Hiller and Lupul take turns with the back specialist and Getzlaf exposes his ankle to some more gamma radiation.

Final watch party tonight at the OC Sports Grill in Orange (450 N. State College Blvd).

Post any game info and lineup changes in the comments.