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Open Gameday Recap Thread Ducks @ Avalanche


During the game, we added ANOTHER moderator.  So, please pay heed to Floyd Gondoli.  He and TheAngelsColts will be running the gameday rooms to the best of their ability, and hopefully, this bicameral executive branch will be tougher for your junta to crack!

On to hockey.  O winning streak, winning streak, wherefore wert thou post-Olympic Break.  The Ducks dropkicked the Avalanche behind the vinyl wrestling boots of Jason Blake and an unconscious second line.  They even found a goal for Steve Eminger from the point!  Teemu got 601 against the team that gave Jari 601, and the Ducks have two games against LA and one more against St. Louis to cause trouble for the bubble.

Also, You have only 20 more hours to claim your Hooters Wings!!!!!!!!!

And finally, after the jump, we have a video of Jen, who needed your vote today in the Who Wants to Host DucksTV contest.  She's trying to drop the gloves with fellow contestant Terri, who was pandering for votes at the game.  That's really uncalled for.  Pandering here, where no one will see it, is one thing, but at the game?

Scrub to 1:15 to see her best Parros impression.  I'm totally behind her on this.  Sticks. Gloves. Shirt.  Indeed.