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Open Gameday Recap Thread Canadiens @ Ducks

Canadiens vs Ducks coverage


By now I hope we know how this works.  I'll be busy tonight, so this is my earlier written post on a game that hasn't happened.  However, this time I offer predictions.  The Ducks will wake up from their slumber tonight and play a physical game.  They'll even score more than 2 goals.  Mostly because they'll have 2 PP goals.  Visnovsky is a key contributor with a 2 point night, and Selanne will inch a little closer to 600.  Hiller earns his paycheck for real tonight as he plays in back-to-backs.  If you need highlights, I encourage to watch them on the Anaheim Calling home page at  Recaps can be found at the OC Register here.  I'll watch the game when I get home tonight.  Thank the gods for DVR.  Arthur has left you a link to the SB Nation coverage above.