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Open Gameday Recap Thread Blue Jackets @ Ducks


FOWL! The Ducks just dropped their fourth game in a row. It's getting pretty depressing as they fell behind 3 goals before finally getting into the game.  It's fair to say that no bounces were going the Ducks' way, but there's also an argument to be made that good teams make their own bounces.  The PP continues to struggle and went 0 for 7 against the listless Blue Jackets.  Apparently the Ducks like losing to teams at the bottom of the conference.  Visnovsky has been a great pick up.  It'd be easier to be enthused about it if the Ducks were actually winning.

The Ducks top line seemed to turn it around in the third period.  Ryan Getzlaf did crazy Getzlaf things and proved Arthur right.  Still, the Ducks have effectively played themselves out of the playoffs.  It's not over, but they are on life support.  their inability to play a full 60 minutes has been a concern all year and it's finally taking its toll.

Finally, the NHL highlights are being problematic, but you can find them here,