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Open Gameday Thread Oilers @ Ducks

Edmonton Oilers
@ Anaheim Ducks

Sunday, Apr 11, 2010, 5:00 PM PDT



Radio: AM 830

Your Enemy: The Copper & Blue

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And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make . . .


Well, sort of.

The team should receive plenty of love tonight, but mostly because they're giving crap away. It's been a disappointing season. There was legitimate promise six months ago, if not just the expectation of a team that would eek out a postseason appearance after making four straight. And now, the end. Maybe in more ways than one.

A retrospective video on Selanne and Niedermayer probably won't draw the tears we saw in Dallas and St. Louis. The pair have Favre-d us into believing that a chant of "one more year," the "baby, give me one more chance" of the sports world, is quite effective. In reality, there are no Olympics and perhaps no playoff team for them to stay for next year. We're a triflin' ass team with no job and no prospects for work-- Baby's out the door. Seriously though, we may not realize it or properly memorialize it tonight, but this could be the end for two of the greatest players to don the Ducks sweater.

This is definitely our last gameday this season, and it's been an honor to hang out and be disappointed with all of you. And while I don't believe the 34 of you that claimed you'd be stopping by every day (O__o?) in the offseason, if you drop by in the summer months, we should have plenty for you to see. Daniel will be starting his Armchair GM feature. I hope to cover the Ducks West Coast Prospect Camp. We'll also be trying out some new staffers, like Jen, who wrote the first part of a great series yesterday, throwing some helpful advice to the men in black. It's a humorous piece, which has already gotten a bit of a negative response, but as the traffic numbers are modest at best, I'm not going to get on a tangent about anyone's inability to detect humor, Joffrey Lupul included. Then there's the Draft, free agency, Camp and before you know it we're back here again.

Post any game info and lineup changes in the comments.