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Suomi Front
Suomi Front


During the season, I promised the lot of you that we would vote on the next t-shirt design for our store, and in our second-round of brainstorming, we actually came up with five good ideas for something that should still look pretty in our widget after you guys refuse to buy it. Those ideas are after the jump, but I want to propose a late write-in vote, here.

The Lupul Twitter shirt.

We should probably stay away from this, so as not to 'rattle' young Joff and anger his many fervent and humorless defenders, but it just seems too good to pass up. My idea? The front of the shirt has a faux-Twitter page with the account name 'Loops.' The most recent tweet says, "Just to clarify, cause Jen has me rattled, it was not as fun as my tweets indicated." Then below that, every single tweet is a hyperbolic and hilarious foray into the after-party that is Lupul After Dark.

I leave it up to you. Your other options after the jump . . .


suggested by Newport Rebel

Our site motto FOWL (F*** Our-- you get the point) in orange letters on a black shirt.

Kings Rivalry

suggested by docescobar.

Your basic Anti-kings memorabilia to rock in the Staples Center


suggested by Daniel.

'15' in green on the back, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry (read focused)" on the front.

Heil Hiller

suggested by brokenyard

A more offensive version of the Chen/Sleek shirt, this time putting goalie equipment on a picture of Hitler in full-fledged salute.

Idiot Defenseman

suggested by Floyd Gondoli

Lupul Twitter

suggested by me

Accepting your suggestions for tweets in the comments.