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Draft Tickets; Kings Only?

LA Draft
LA Draft

Anaheim calling to the hockey world...

So I just got off the phone with the LA Kings ticketing office regarding Draft tickets. 'Greg' was kind enough to tell me that, as far as he knew, Kings season seat holders and Staples Center premier seat and suite holders would be the only people offered tickets to the Draft. Other tickets might be distributed, but nothing in terms of a 'ticket sale' was planned. Interesting. Time to cozy up to your Kings fan friends, I suppose. Now, if I could only remember where I put Satan's number. UPDATE: There are conflicting reports from the ticket office.

Where does that put Anaheim Calling's coverage of the Draft? Well, basically, if we're not credentialed, we're probably not going. So that puts it on par with our coverage of games i.e. the same access you have. For now, though, the king of all optimism in me set up a page for the 2010 Draft. In theory, we'll modify it with stories and scouting reports, but for now, it's just a list of the Ducks' picks.

Anaheim has two first-rounders in this year's Draft. The first, we know to be 12th Overall. The second? Well, that all depends on Philly. Right now, their first-round pick is 16th overall, but if they get to the Conference Finals, they'll take 27th or later. And I know you're thinking, 'but don't we get another pick if they win the Cup?' Yes, if Pronger lifts the Cup this year, we have the option of taking their third-rounder, either this year (90th overall) or next year, but as their first-round pick would then be 30th overall, that's not much of a bright side. Time to start rooting against Philadelphia, I say-- though, is it ever too early?

Twelfth overall is still a little unpredictable right now. Last month's ISS Top 30 has Barrie Colts center Alex Burmistrov in that slot, but I wouldn't get too attached to him until April's ISS is released. Central Scouting's final rankings, for example, dropped him four slots to 11th amongst North American skaters.

As the field comes into proper focus, I'll start profiling kids. For now, let's all just figure out how to attend the damned thing.