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And The Winner Is . . . FOWL!


Sixty of you voted in our poll, and 16 of you cried FOWL! Actually, that turn of phrase makes me wonder if "Cry FOWL!" isn't the better shirt design. As in, "Ducks lose; I cry FOWL!" or "Are you okay man?"-- "Yeah, I'm just crying FOWL right now. Stupid Ducks." Hmm.

The shirt is available here; it's just the basic design the shirt people came up with after we sent them the information. Thoughts on font, positioning, etc.? We can ask them to change it. Want one in orange with black lettering to act as a substitute Fowl towel in a pinch? We can ask for that, too. In fact, the aforementioned pinch is reason enough to make a Ladies' fit shirt available. Ahem. Anything you want changed, just drop it in the comments. UPDATE: We now have a Ladies FOWL tee and an orange FOWL tee.

Honorable mentions to the Lupul Twitter shirt with 14 votes and the Heil Hiller shirt with 9 votes. Your time still may come.