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Open Gameday Recap Thread Canucks @ Ducks



The Ducks came up short in the shootout tonight, but Teemu Selanne added two to become the NHL's all-time greatest Finnish goal scorer.  He surpassed his idol, and he didn't do it quietly.  One could argue that Teemu held on for one more season, stuck it out for one more Olympics, stayed to break one last record, but his numbers belie that.  If this season is indeed Teemu's last, no one will accuse him of 'sticking around.'  History won't claim the game forced him out.  And those that still remember the cocky kid on Zhamnov and Tkachuk's Olympic Line, will remember a Selanne who flew high, still managed to soar in the grinding NHL of the 90s, then found flight again behind knee surgery and the rule changes after the recent Lockout.  Ihanaa Selanne.

Player Season Team GP G A Pts PIM
Jari Kurri 1997-98 Colorado Avalanche 70 5 17 22 12
Teemu Selanne 2009-10 Anaheim Ducks 51 24 20 44 16