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Daniel Still Believes


[Editor's Note: Arthur abstained from the question below as a little ridiculous and perhaps even a belated April Fools' joke]



The Ducks continue to win and cling to their slim [Editor's note: infinitesimalplayoff hopes. At the root of all this is a strange occurrence in Anaheim history, the emergence of the solid back up goalie. McElhinney's recent play has been nothing short of inspiring. Yes, he got a little beat up against the Canucks last night, but the Ducks have won 4 of their last 5 games. Only in the game against Vancouver has a team scored more than two goals. Goaltending was a problem when the Ducks were struggling out of the Olympic break, and in their recent troubles before this latest hot streak. Hiller's new back problems could have been a cause of that, but it still put the Ducks into a corner they didn't need to be in, namely not controlling their playoff fate. McElhinney has looked good at times and really given the Ducks a chance to claw their way back into the playoff picture. Arthur, if Hiller gets healthy in the last couple of games, should the Ducks play him, or ride the back up and hope for the best?



*Shakes head.*  

*Gets up and leaves.*



I know the Ducks chances are very slim, but it still would be a bit of a bad idea to wreck what is, at the moment, a good thing. McElhinney hasn't turned in an all star performance, but I've been very impressed with just how solid he's been. Not to mention the strange knack he has for making huge saves. Personally, I think we don't need any other goalies to come to camp, because he's got this back up job sewn up. He's been a very good addition, considering he was one of those "change of scenery" cases that sometimes go horribly wrong.

I know the Ducks playoff hopes are slim, but sometimes being a fan means coming up with semi-ridiculous scenarios. Basically, if the Ducks win 3 of their last 4 and have an OT loss, they can make it. They just need the three other teams ahead of them, to do the exact opposite, lose 3 of 4 with an OTL as their only point down the stretch. In the case of Colorado, that means losing 4 of 5. If the Ducks are done for the season, then there's no reason to take a chance on Hiller's back, look at the shape Lupul is in. McElhinney has played very well, and deserves a little face time to permanently straighten out his game. If nothing else, it will make him that much stronger next season when we will undoubtedly need his services, because as you've pointed out, Hiller still hasn't played a full NHL schedule as a starter.