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Open Gameday Thread Kings @ Ducks

Man, that guy's quick.  Who's on first.  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Man, that guy's quick. Who's on first. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Next Game

Los Angeles Kings
@ Anaheim Ducks

Tuesday, Apr 6, 2010, 7:00 PM PDT



Your Enemy: Jewels From The Crown

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So I just got off the phone with Matt Clark, and I have to say I'm loving this kid. Money quote for me happened when I asked him to recall some of his big hits this season.

"There was a time in Windsor when I almost caught Taylor Hall with his head down, and that would've uhh-- that would've been very nice."

He might as well have been talking about a star-crossed encounter with a paramour on the streets of Marseille. And that regretful longing for the opportunity to absolutely smoke a guy, well, that's the stuff all defensemen should be made of.

deb d tells me there's an Angels game tonight against Joe Mauer and the Twins, and I suppose it's time for a lot of Anaheim fans to change the channel to the Angels, even if they weren't giving away free snuggies. It's an unfamiliar choice for many fans considering the Ducks haven't missed the playoffs since 2004. That means there are Kindergartners experiencing this disappointment for the first time. We've got to take them by the hand and show them the Frozen Four, or teach them to build a Gamecenter LIVE dungeon filled with pot pies and Capri-sun. After all, the children are the future.

Daniel, of course, will point out that the Ducks aren't out of it yet, and that the Avalanche, Flames and Blues can Three Stooge their way into a tee time. Oh, and that for me to say otherwise would be "negative." Let's be clear here, folks. Yes, I'm negative, but this is NOT that. If the Ducks made the playoffs, it wouldn't be that they accomplished anything, it would be that the teams ahead of them epically failed to the tune of a quadruple facepalm. I mean, who looks back at the 1993 NCAA Title Game and says that Pat Sullivan won the game by hitting one of the two free throws that preceded Chris Webber's invalid timeout call?

So I won't be clicking over to the Avalanche or Flames games or even the Angels game-- but mostly because I'm a Giants fan and I can see Mauer play some other time --nope, I'll be watching the Ducks game. Meaningful? Maybe not, but how many Ducks/Kings showdowns were meaningful at the end of the season, and how often did the Kings beat us anyways?

Post any game info and lineup changes in the comments.