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Open Gameday Recap Thread Kings @ Ducks



Those hovering around the deathbed of the Ducks' 09-10 season watched their mathematical hopes trickle off the toe of Anze Kopitar's stick and into the back of the Anaheim net in the third round of a Kings/Ducks shootout.  The Ducks held a commanding lead in the game, based as much on mental errors by the Kings as a strong Anaheim attack.  But as the game wore on, the teams switched jerseys, something the Ducks have done quite a bit of this season.

In other news, Colorado took home two points, thus finalizing the list of Western Conference playoff teams.  For those who have converted to draft position watch, the Ducks can no longer claim 13th or 14th in the West, though losing out would guarantee they switch places with Dallas at 12th.  But seeing as how their 86 points (Philadelphia has the same) would make them a playoff team in the East, Anaheim has little chance of picking in the top ten at the Draft in Los Angeles this summer.  Ducks Lose.  In more ways than one.  FOWL!