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First Round Pick Position On The Line Tonight

The Ducks acquired Philadelphia's First Round pick in next month's draft via last year's Pronger/Lupul trade. And with Montreal moving on to the Eastern Conference Finals, the Flyers' First Rounder now sits at 15th. If the Flyers lose in tonight's game seven against the Bruins, the pick will stay 15th. However, if Philly prevails, the pick will shift twelve spots to 27th.

The pick will then shift to 29th if they beat the Canadiens and 30th if they win the Cup. In the event the Flyers do win the Cup, Anaheim would have the option of taking a 3rd Rounder from the team this year or next year, but that's little consolation for having to pick 15 spots later than they currently can. The Bruins MUST win this game.

Go Bruins!