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Our Draft Coverage; Your Draft Tickets

LA Draft
LA Draft

First, a note to the readers, Anaheim Calling WILL be covering the 2010 NHL Entry Draft from the floor. Having never covered the Draft, I will be relying on my SBN colleagues who went last year for advice, but right now the major stumbling block I foresee is the real time aspect of this thing. Hopefully, I can be insightful and effective for the first time as usual on here, and still hustle up some quotes or details or whatever advantage credentials will give me from the floor.

Second, a note to Draft ticket seekers. I spoke to "Ryan" at the Staples Center ticket office today. Ryan is the attendant I got when I made no selection. You'll recall that "Greg" told me that as far as he knew, there was no public ticket sale planned. Ryan declined to offer any information and directed me to the Kings' Draft Page, which he said would be updated if and when a public ticket sale was announced.

As you can see from the page, you still get in for free if you're a season ticket holder at Staples Center, if you're a registered member of SCAHA hockey or if you join Bailey's Buddies. Starting at $2500, you may purchase a suite at Staples Center for the Draft, and that package will include at least 18 tickets to both days, 4 passes to the Prospects Clinic in El Segundo on Thursday and 2 tickets to a brunch reception with Gary Bettman. If $2500 seems too steep for the opportunity to throw a shoe at Gary Bettman, the Kings suggest you sign up for their Royal Report Newsletter, where they will deign to send you Draft ticket information when they feel it's absolutely necessary.