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What About Bob(by)?


Among the many decisions the Ducks face this offseason, perhaps none is more convoluted than the situation with winger and sometime center Bobby Ryan. Following his 57 point campaign (31-26=57) in 2008-2009, Bobby again topped the 30-goal mark in 2009-2010 as he lit the lamp a team-leading 35 times and finished with 64 total points. As of July 1, Bobby will become a restricted free agent, meaning that he will be prone to offer sheets from other teams.

This is a topic that Arthur, Daniel, and I have exhaustively debated in several threads on this site. While I tend to think that Bobby is a key part of the Ducks future, Arthur, and to a greater extent, Daniel, believe that Bobby's production can be readily replaced by a healthy top line Joffrey Lupul, and that Bobby constitutes our single most valuable trading chip. Daniel has speculated that Bobby might be the best way to acquire the shut-down defender the Ducks so desperately need, and both he and Arthur have suggested that Bobby has not quite matched up to the indispensable superstar image many fans have created in their minds, though Arthur admits he can certainly reach that plateau in the future.

Complicating the situation further are rumors that the Ducks are mulling a move to try Bobby at center if they keep him next season. So even if the Ducks do keep Bobby, it's unclear what his role on the team will or should be.

But enough of what we think. We've made our positions on this topic quite clear, but we haven't heard much from you. So here's your HW assignment: Vote in the poll below and answer the following three questions.

1) Should the Ducks keep Bobby Ryan or should they trade him to improve the team?

2) If you think the Ducks should keep him, what should be his role in the future? If you think the Ducks should trade him, what are the lines for next year?

3) What is the main benefit of keeping Bobby in a Ducks uniform? What problems are created by holding onto him?